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Crazy Things That Only Exist In Japan

Japan is known for its unique and sometimes quirky culture, and there are indeed some crazy and fascinating things that you can find only in Japan. Here are a few examples:


Capsule Hotels:
Japan is home to the famous capsule hotels, where guests sleep in small pods stacked on top of each other. These tiny spaces are designed for efficiency and provide a unique lodging experience.

The world's best capsule hotels | Telegraph Travel

Robot Restaurants:
Tokyo, in particular, is famous for its robot-themed restaurants where robotic servers and performers entertain diners. It's a futuristic dining experience that showcases Japan's technological prowess.


Animal Cafés:
Japan has taken the concept of cafés to a whole new level by introducing animal cafés. You can enjoy your coffee surrounded by cats, rabbits, owls, or even hedgehogs, creating a unique and sometimes surreal atmosphere.


Vending Machines for Everything:
Japan is known for its abundance of vending machines, and they offer far more than just drinks. From hot meals and fresh eggs to ties and underwear, you can find vending machines for almost anything.

Japanese Vending Machines: Selling Tasty Noodles and Oodles More | Web Japan

Square Watermelons:
Japanese farmers have perfected the art of growing square watermelons. These unique fruits are not only visually appealing but also practical for storage and transportation.


Capsule Toys (Gachapon):
Gachapon machines, offering small toys in capsules, can be found all over Japan. These toys cover a vast range of themes and characters, making them a popular and addictive pastime for both children and adults.


Maid Cafés:
Maid cafés are establishments where waitresses, dressed in maid costumes, serve food and drinks with a touch of theatrics. The experience is popular among anime and manga enthusiasts.

Kuma Kuma Maid Cafe - Anime Weekend Atlanta

Purikura Photo Booths:
Purikura, or photo sticker booths, allow people to take pictures, decorate them with various graphics and accessories, and print them as stickers. It's a beloved activity, especially among teenagers.


Hikikomori Culture:
Japan has a phenomenon called "hikikomori," referring to individuals who withdraw from social life and often confine themselves to their homes for an extended period. This unique aspect of Japanese society highlights the pressures faced by some individuals.


Train Station Oshiya (Pushers):
In crowded train stations, especially during rush hours, "oshiya" or "pushers" are employed to help push people into crowded trains to ensure everyone can board. It's a testament to the efficiency and punctuality of Japan's public transportation system.

Guiding the Way: The Tokyo Subway Pushers and Passenger Safety – Chronology

These crazy and unique aspects of Japanese culture contribute to the country's charm and make it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking the extraordinary.

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